KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI’m a 50-something high school teacher in Puyallup, Washington.  Though my longtime love is American History, this is my sixth year as a journalism teacher, a role I’ve really enjoyed.  It’s sparked my own interest in writing.  Though I’ve blogged for many years, I take my own voice and views more seriously than I used to, and believe in the validity of my own views on political, cultural and social topics.  Though I consider my politics liberal (I’m too old to call myself progressive), I’m perfectly capable of seeing both sides of a story and calling for common sense.

I am a person ridden with simple vices.  I love movies, music and books, and I love to write about them. I am married and together with my wife Lorri have three amazing Australian shepherds that pretty much run my life.  You can expect to see stories about their exploits and our efforts to enjoy a fairly normal life despite them. In addition to this blog, I have two additional blogs.  A Gamer’s Tales is my work on my chief hobby, miniature wargaming.  I also write about baseball, chiefly the Seattle Mariners on Chatter From the Cheap Seats.

It’s my goals to update this blog at least weekly.  My entries tend to be long, but focused.  Pictures loaded when relevant to the writing.  I welcome your comments and appreciate your interest.

Kevin Smyth


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    • Jonny,
      Thanks for sharing. I listened to You Know I Know which is a great track. Thanks for sharing. If I write a review, what can you tell me about your band that I could share. I see you’re in Minnesota. Will try to catch the rest of your tracks later today.

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