A snapshot from my year of vinyl addiction

A few of the adds to my collection-the good stuff.

I didn’t do a 2016 sum up.  Let’s just say, from the standpoint of a music-loving old guy, not a great year.  The losses to the music world, from Bowie and Prince, to Kantner and Signe Anderson, to losing Emerson and Lake was just overwhelming.  And I know I’m leaving out tons of others who should not be forgotten and I apologize.

However, my record collection really did begin to take shape, and my hope is that 2017 will allow me to finish the pillars of my collection while letting me add those interesting impulse buys that keeps things interesting.

Things I did in 2016:

  • Filled out my Beatles collection.  Are the Fab Four the end all be all of rock and roll.  Maybe not, but I certainly think you start there.
  • Added Blue Oyster Cult, Blondie, Cheap Trick, The Who, and Thin Lizzy to my list of completed wants, along with Jefferson Airplane/Starship and Steve Miller.
  • Maximized room for growth to about 1,200 records

Favorite Additions of 2016

  • New York Tendaberry by Laura Nyro-An absolutely wonderful record by the late singer/songwriter.  Mostly just Laua and a piano.
  • Imaginos by Blue Oyster Cult-Last record on Columbia by Long Island based rockers.  Showed they could still get it done.
  • Fighting by Thin Lizzy-1975 album that broke the band on top internationally.  Featured the twin leads with Phil Lynott’s outstanding vocals and songwriting.
  • All Directions by the Temptations-When the rest of the world gave up the Temptations for dead, 1972 saw the release of the monumental “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” The entire record is just as wonderful.

My Current Collection stands at: 878 LP’s, give or take.

My Coolest Christmas Gift: October 1962 release of “Love Me Do” on Parlophone by The Beatles.. For me, it all began here.  Now if I could just get a Jerden copy of “Louie, Louie” by the Kingsmen, I would never even look at another 45.

On My Wantlist for 2017

  • Sam and Dave-Hold on, I’m Comin’ and Soul Men
  • The Doors-The Doors and Morrison Hotel (Wipe that smirk off your face, no I really don’t have these.)
  • Pink Floyd-Saucerful of Secrets will complete my Pink Floyd collection.  That it was re-pressed in 2016 will keep it affordable.
  • Nirvana-Unplugged in New York. I love this record and would have grabbed it on Thursday at the SubPop store at Sea-Tac if our return flight wasn’t an hour late.  FU Delta Airlines!!
  • Johnny Cash-American Recordings All six of ’em, period the end.
  • The Guess Who-Wheatfield Soul and Canned Wheat
  • The Patti Smith Group-Easter and Wave

And I’m sure there will be more. Tom Petty will likely re-release all his records on vinyl in 2017. I need a copy of Wildflowers.  No, really, I’ll die without one, I’m pretty sure.

My New Years Resolution for 2017

“Listen more, buy less.”

I hope you all have a fabulous new year.  Thanks for checking in.  I’ll try to write a bit more for 2017.



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