And sometimes we lose our heroes

Surrealistic Pillow

Paul Kantner, center front row, died today of complications from a heart attack.  Leader of the Jefferson Airplane after 1966, founder of Jefferson Starship, Kantner was an important influence in the 1960’s American psychedelia.

Last year, as my year of vinyl addiction began, I connected with a band of my youth, Jefferson Airplane.  I painstakingly purchase each of their records, multiple copies of some, in both mono and stereo.  I continue to love their music.

One of the reasons for that is the work of Paul Kantner, who went from being just an interesting somebody in the band, to the Airplane’s unquestioned leader.

Today Kantner died at age 74 of a heart attack.

I could go on and on about all of Kantner’s accomplishments, but really, just listen to After Bathing at Baxters, Crown of Creation and Volunteers to judge for yourself.  If you want to experience the San Francisco sound, sixties psychedelic rock, and some 1970 revolutionary rock, just listen and thank Kantner.

Me, I see myself hanging out in my music room with some vinyl and some alcohol


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