Sundazed Records: An answer to costly original records

After Bathing At Baxters

In the five months I’ve written about my vinyl addiction I’ve gone from spending pennies for a record to spending a lot more. I’ve had difficulty finding the records I really want at local thrift shops.  I’ve visited used record stores in Tacoma, Seattle and Denver.  They often aren’t a cheap answer either.  And then there are simply the records I really want, but really can’t afford.

As I fill out the last vestiges of my Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship collection that includes a variety of different threads, there are certain records I really wanted.  The first three Airplane albums, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, Surrealistic Pillow, and After Bathing at Baxters, were all originally mono recordings, and that format is highly recommended for an authentic listening experience.

But getting mono copies of these records can be very expensive.  Lorri, shopping a flea market, accidentally acquired Takes Off.  What luck.  Three bucks for an album that is $25-30 minimum on Discogs is a great deal. For the other two records, it is much more problematic.  Original mono versions of Pillow and Baxters, good copies (VG+) are $75 or more.  I opted out.

Instead I turned to Sundazed Records.  Sundazed sells new records on high grain vinyl that are re-pressings of old classic, but not necessarily well known albums.  For bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin the re-pressings have come fast and furious and are highly publicized, but for many other bands, whose work is worthy of hearing on vinyl again, Sundazed is a godsend.  The Loving Spoonful, Moby Grape, The Monkees, The Chocolate Watchband, and the San Francisco era Eric Burdon and the Animals are just a few of the bands appearing on the Sundazed label.

Sundazed reissues are available in local record stores.  Some are also available on Amazon.  Sundazed has a nifty webstore too, and sometimes they have sales.  I got my copy of Surrealistic Pillow from Amazon for $21.  I got After Bathing at Baxters from the Sundazed store  during the spring sale for $16.  in both cases it was much less than the $175 I saw a mint mono copy of Baxters listed for on Discogs and e-Bay.

Finding 50-year old records for a reasonable price can be hard, but sometimes the answer is Sundazed.


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