Back to the future

Our new living room courtesy of good friend Chris Hite

Last weekend Lorri had a friend up to reconfigure our living and dining rooms.  I’d like to complain, but really there’s nothing to fuss about.  It looks very nice, really opens up the space, and I love the decorating touches. Part of the re-do was a certain amount of down-sizing, and when that happens there’s a little bit of pain in it for everyone.  My massive CD collection was shuffled into a chest, and my sizable CD rack was evicted to the garage before it is tagged and targeted for the Goodwill.  Ah, me.

This was nothing compared to the removal of my ancient JVC stereo, my Nu-Mark turntable and the stereo cart.  This is so 20th century. Just let it go, right?  It’s not much of a stereo and it’s old.  it even has a dual cassette deck.  One would never mistake it for an awesome Kenwood tube receiver from the 70’s.  I use my iTunes or Spotify on my computer for almost everything, so what’s the big deal?  Just let it go.

Heck no!! I decided to move my chest cum bookcase out of my den and give to Lorri for more storage in her sewing room.  God knows she needs it. That easily left space for the stereo cart.  One shelf held the stereo receiver, while a second took the turntable.  Creative use of the third shelf allowed me to shelve all thirty-five volumes of my Hundred Years War book collection.  I stashed my 1/600 naval vessels on the lowest shelf, which left space on top of my DVD racks for one of the speakers. It also left a little more of that wall free so it doesn’t seem quite so crammed full in my little room.

I crammed all my Hundred Years War books into this wee small shelf. But they’re actually more accessible than they

Okay, it’s crap, it’s mainstream and boring, not nearly as cool as a Technics reel to reel or Kenwood tube amp, but it’s all mine.

The great part of having the stereo in my room is I can listen to my music the way it should be listened to–on vinyl.  Last night, in between episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix, I listened to Let it Bleed by the Rolling Stones.  Tonight it was Ten by Pearl Jam.  It was freaking amazing. I only have about 100 vinyl albums after purging most of them a few years ago.  But I’m going to make sure I get to hear a lot of them from now on.

My turntable with my genuine original pressing of Let it Bleed by the Rolling Stones. Some day I’ll write my story about my top ten songs of all time. Right at the top will be Gimme Shelter. It’s just amazing.


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