I love to write.  I’ve been a blogger for many years over on blogspot.  But something terrible happened this week when I was locked out of my three blogs.  After considerable frustration with the Google helpdesk and chasing my ass, changing passwords and user names and still not being able to access my dashboard, I gave up.  Seven years work and 550 blog posts later I was unwilling to give up my voice on the ‘net, so here I am on WordPress. 

For those who don’t know me, I’m a 50 something highschool American Studies and journalism teacher.  This is my fun blog, and I’ll write about lots of different stuff.  You will likely see concert and book reviews, occasional political commentary, and the raging of a long-suffering Seattle Mariners fan.  As much as anything, however, you’re likely to see photos and stories about my three dogs, Lucy, Rusty, and Amos.  They are the much loved miniature Australian Shepherds (soon to be known as American Shepherds) that share our house and our lives with me and my wife Lorri. Image


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